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Document Accessibility Process

Do you want to make your documents Accessible? Our in-house document experts will make your documents accessible.

We test/audit them with screen readers and ensure it meets WCAG/ Section 508 standards, whereby all remediated documents are accessible for people with disabilities. We also provide PAC 3 and Adobe Accessibility Reports as evidence to show the accessibility conformance of the document.

If you are already working with a different document vendor, please let us know the cost per page you pay them, and we will give you a price of 20% less. That's a promise, without compromising our quality.

Our Methodology in terms of Remediation is as follows:

  • Creating an appropriate Heading Structure (h1-h6)

  • Writing alternate text for images/equations which require descriptions.

  • Marking decorative images as artifacts.

  • Correctly tagging lists & tables.

  • Setting a logical reading order.

  • Setting bookmarks & linking TOC.

  • Providing alternate text for links.

  • Checking for color contrast.