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Development Process

We fix accessibility issues or build an accessible website from scratch. Our in-house developers are experienced but low-cost and trustworthy.

You may want to consider Accessibility development in the following scenarios,

  • I do not have any developers who are experts in Accessibility.

  • I have already completed an Accessibility Audit, and now I need help to fix the issues.

  • I want a brand new website/application that is Accessible.

Development Methodology

  • We will conduct an Accessibility Audit if it's not already completed.

  • We will size the issues based on the complexity of the issues and give you a fixed quote to remediate the issues.

  • If it's a brand new website, we will follow all best practices in web development, including meeting WCAG standards.

  • Based on the project's complexity, we will assign dedicated resources to the development, testing, and project management.

Technologies We Know

  • Java

  • React

  • Angular 5+

  • Heroku

  • SQL

  • Pure vanilla JS

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • Spring

  • Circle CI

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • WordPress

  • SiteVision

  • React Native